Yu-Gi-Oh Timed Duel, Duel Academy Gba Level 1

No. =001=

-Aktifkan Autonomous Action Unit dari tangan
-Pilih Exodia the Forbidden One sebagai target
-Summon Piranha Army
-Masuk Battle Phase dan serang dengan kedua monster

No. =002=

-Special Summon Gilasaurus dari tangan dengan posisi menyerang
-Summon Dark Dust Spirit dengan mengorbankan Gilasaurus
-gunakan Autonomous Action Unit dan pilih Invader of Darkness sebagai target
-Masuk battle phase dan serang dengan kedua monster

No. =003=

-Summon Piranha Army.
-aktifkan Snatch Steal dan pilih Master of Oz sebagai target
-counter Imperial Order dengan Royal Surrender , sejak Seven tools of bandit akan membunuhmu dengan mengambil 1000lp.
-Masuk Battle phase dan serang dengan kedua monster

No. =004=

-Summon Magical Scientist dan aktifkan effectnya. pilih Thousand-Eyes
-aktifkan Thousand-Eyes Restrict’s dan pilih Spell Canceller
-gunakan fusion weapon dan gunakan ke Thousand-Eyes Restrict.
-serang The Fiend Megacyber dengan Thousand-Eyes

No. =005=

-aktifkan Call Of Haunted dan kembalikan Cannon Soldier
-Summon Gearfriend the Iron Knight dan aktifkan Cannon Soldier efek dengan mengorbankan Gearfriend
-Aktifkan kembali efek Cannon Soldier dan mengorbankan dirinya sendiri

No. =006=

-Summon Marauding Captain dan gunakan efeknya untuk memanggil granadora
-Gunakan Ultra Evolution Pill, dan pilih granadora sebagai tumbal dan pilih Dark Driceratops
sebagai monster yang akan dipanggil.
-Masuk Battle Phase
-Serang Gravekeeper’s Spy dengan Marauding Captain
-Serang The Portrait’s Secret dengan Dark Driceratrops

No. =007=

-Gunakan Book of Taiyou untuk membalik Ballon lizard
-Gunakan Change of Heart kepada ballon lizard
-Gunakan Ultra Evolution Pill mengorbankan lizard untuk memanggil Dark Driceratrops
-Summon Man-Eater Bug
-Masuk Battle phase serang dengan kedua monster

No. =008=

-Summon Tsukoyomi and flip Spell Canceller face-down.
-Activate Tribute to the Doomed, discard Lightning Vortex and destroy Spell
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with both of your monsters.

No. =009=

-Summon Jinzo by tributing Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
-Activate Back to Square One, discard any card, and choose your opponent’s
monster as the target.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with Jinzo.

(In this TD, you could discard Kaiser Glider due to Back to Square One’s effect
and then Special Summon Soul of Purity and Light, but since Jinzo’s attack
power is enough, Special Summoning Soul of Purity of Light is not necessary.)

No. =010=

-Summon Summoned Skull by tributing Dark Driceratops from the field.
-Equip him with Axe of Despair.
-Use Mystic Plasma Zone.
-Activate Tribute to the Doomed, discard Dark Hole and destroy Marshmallon.
-Activate Magical Explosion.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with Summoned Skull.

No. =011=

-Enter Battle Phase and attack Kycoo with Kangaroo Champ.
-Activate Tragedy.
-Attack with Gemini Elf.

No. =012=

-Activate Order to Charge, offer Mad Dog of Darkness and destroy Blue-Eyes
Ultimate Dragon.
-Use Premature Burial to bring back Mad Dog of Darkness.
-Equip him with both Megamorph and Axe of Despair.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack.

No. =013=

-Summon Breaker the Magical Warrior and activate his effect to destroy
Premature Burial, which will take Jinzo down with it.
-Set Kozaky’s Self-Destruct Button on the field.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack the face-down monster with Breaker.

No. =014=

-Flip Summon Penguin Soldier and return both him and Jack’s Knight to the
respective owners’ hands.
-Summon Cave Dragon.
-Use Premature Burial on Divine Dragon Ragnarok.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with both monsters.

No. =015=

-Summon Gearfried the Iron Knight.
-Activate Release Restraint, discard Iron Knight and summon Swordmaster.
-Equip Swordmaster with Lightning Blade and destroy Maiden of the Aqua with his
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Crab Turtle.

No. =016=

-Summon Amphibious Bugroth MK-3.
-Activate Premature Burial to summon Dark Elf.
-Equip Megamorph on Bugroth.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Empress Mantis with Dark Elf.
-Attack directly with Bugroth.

No. =017=

-Summon Tribe-Infecting Virus.
-Change Crass Clown to attack position and choose Jinzo as the effect victim.
-Activate DNA Surgery and select any type among the given, and remember it.
-Activate Tribe-Infecting Virus’s effect, discard Mage Power and choose that
same type you chose for DNA Surgery.
-Activate Call of the Haunted and bring back Tribe-Infecting Virus.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack.

No. =018=

-Activate Offerings to the Doomed and destroy Marauding Captain.
-Activate Mystic Plasma Zone.
-Summon Drillago.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack directly.

No. =019=

-Activate Cathedral of the Nobles.
-Summon Mystical Beast Serket by tributing Vorse Raider.
-Activate Cathedral of the Nobles’ effect, chain Call of the Haunted to bring
Raider back, and Special Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
-Enter Battle Phase, attack St. Joan with BEUD and attack directly with Vorse

No. =020=

-Activate Card Destruction.
-Activate Tribute to the Doomed, discard Skull Servant and destroy BEUD.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with King of the Skull Servants.


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